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O lab – the story

we believe in enhancing lives

Everything we do is designed to enhance lives. Through our expertise in health and technology we aspire to help people enjoy better well-being and better performance. We are the O lab.

We invest in potential

We invest in the potential of technology and education to transform health, well-being and performance through better alignment.

We combine experience

Our team brings together dental expertise, innovation and business know-how to create products that transform patient care.

We believe in research

We base all our advances on exciting research and development at our Wimborne Headquarters, a beacon of clinical excellence.

Be Better

We are passionate about improving people’s well-being and performance through our expertise in health technologies.

We believe we can all be better.

The O-lab brings together a unique combination of dental visionaries, innovation experts and business entrepreneurs. Formed five years ago, our ambition has always been to help dentists and patients benefit from advances in technology, nutrition and better alignment.

In our most recent project, we’ve developed a highly accurate, yet inexpensive, bite impression system: O-align.

The system uses a revolutionary tray design and digital technology to help dentists assess better, align better and work better.

Assess better

We’ve developed a series of assessment techniques and protocols to create accurate impressions, analyse function and improve balance.

In particular we focus on the potential for better facial alignment. We use digital technology to capture highly accurate records that dental professionals can use to create a range of products.

Align better

Our O align system has been five years in development and now allows clinicians to take precise impressions, up to 30% faster.

The project has been led by our co-founder Dr G.P. Visser. His advanced knowledge of the problems caused by temporomandibular dysfunction sparked his search for a better solution to jaw and facial alignment.

More accurate alignment can help treat a wide range of conditions from sleep disordered breathing and craniofacial pain to sporting performance.

Work better

We understand the pressures facing dental clinicians. Faster, easier and more accurate impression taking will help clinicians to treat more patients, more successfully, in less time.

Our digital technologies gives labs and clinicians immediate access to accurate records, save on storage space and bring the benefits of advances in digital dentistry to their practices.

Stephen Fowley

Stephen Fowley |

CEO and co-founder

Stephen has 20 years of senior management experience across a range of commercial sectors. He provides the vision, drive and leadership in developing the O lab and its products.

With a background in Healthcare, both in service delivery and real estate, he also managed the delivery of a multi-million pound international property and leisure business.

Stephen is a keen advocate of partnership working, and has hands-on experience managing a number of long-term, collaborative projects with local authorities and operating partners. His objective is to work within the public and private sectors to deliver real benefits to communities and individuals, while offering excellent returns to partners and investors.

Giles in the lab

Our HQ

O-lab HQ in Poole is home to our research and development laboratory where we develop, design and trial our ground-breaking products.

Our researchers benefit from access to a purpose built facility equipped with 3D scanners, milling machines, 3D printers and more. The laboratory supports our design and engineering teams in the CAD design and development cycles of the product development.

By controlling our research and development in house, we’re able to thoroughly trial our innovative products in our own clinics. This ensures we consistently maintain a high quality standard of product and service.

Our work with leading academics and other industry professionals ensures that we are connected with the very best and up to date scientific thinking. We recognise the necessity of working with complementary industry partners to create new dental technologies and products.

Our Clinics

We believe in a long-term cure rather than a quick fix. Patients benefit from comprehensive management of pain, dental care, headaches, or sleep disorder, rather than symptom-based treatment. At our clinics, we look for the cause beyond the symptom.

Our approach means we achieve and support life-long positive changes.

The O lab clinics treat complex areas of dentistry that often overlap with medicine and other specialist areas of health. We work with healthcare practitioners from all over the UK to determine the best course of treatment for their patients including

  • GPs
  • Surgeons
  • Respiratory and sleep physicians
  • Dentists
  • Osteopaths
  • Physiotherapists
  • Chiropractors

The O lab clinics also act as referral centers for advanced TMJ cases and sleep. This provides O lab practitioners with a network of support and ensures patients receive the best care.

We work with athletes and patients who benefit from our advanced dental care in areas such as:

  • Orthodontics
  • TMJ therapy
  • Dental Implants
  • Sports Dentistry
  • Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Minor Oral Surgery
  • Functional Cosmetic treatments
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Clinics and Development

The O lab is currently involved in pilot projects in Somerset and at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. Patients and practitioners are testing and implementing our products and protocols after extensive training.

This feedback enables us to evaluate patient benefits and potential areas for further development. It also allows us to improve the ease of use and functionality for clinicians.

Latest research articles

If you're as interested as we are in the possibilities alignment offers your patients, you may want to look at the independent articles and scientific research that supports our work.

Advanced research available on request to accredited O lab practitioners.