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O clinics

The O clinics are multidisciplinary clinics where dentists, doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals work together to help treat patients with advanced craniofacial pain and TMD.

These centres accept referrals and support advanced patient care, whilst playing a leading role in supporting O practitioner teaching and training.

O practices

The O practice status is an approved recognition given to dental practitioners who have completed a TMJ Fundamentals course at the O lab.

The O practitioner has a fundamental understanding and works using the O lab’s protocols and approach in the management of multifactorial TMD.

O therapists

An O therapist is an approved therapist having received TMJ training to the standard, as set by the O lab. These therapists work using the O lab protocols in assessing and treating their patients.

They work as part of the O lab multidisciplinary approach in the management of multifactorial TMD.