Regular Dental Examinations

One of the biggest advantages of regular visits to have your dental, oral and general health is the opportunity to assessed and to prevent ill health by identifying disease-causing factors early on before they start to impact and lead to a deterioration in your health.

Not only do we provide regular dental and oral health assessments but we now also provide regular overall health and well-being assessments. Our interdisciplinary team has found that a closer cooperation between various fields of health care is critical in providing better care.

During these appointments, we have set aside time with you to discuss your current oral and dental health and well-being and/or to review your current health status and how we can help you to improve this and to be better. Our patient’s health care is much more than just healthy gums and teeth but we will also focus on related issues such as snoring, head, neck and back aches, poor nutrition and bad posture to name but a few.

The Oral and Dental assessments will include specifics such as jaw and jaw joint alignment and function, Orofacial lymph gland function, a Cancer screening, a tooth and gum health check. Instant low radiation X-rays may also be taken to spot early signs of decay and gum and tooth root problems.

Your general health may also be assessed at this time and our interdisciplinary clinician will follow a health screening protocol to look at primary and key indicators necessary to keep you healthy and strong

State of the Art Diagnosis

The Visio CT scanner use a low radiation to give us visual diagnosis images for our clinician.

Your health assessment will include a thorough consultation and discussion of your current health and well being followed by a function biomechanic assessment and blood, saliva, breathing and urine analysis that will help us to identify any imbalance in your health.

Canography – use to monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide in respiratory gases.

Biopostural system – use for postural clinical analysis.

Over the years our patients have helped us to develop a health checklist of important and related parameters that we will measure during each appointment and for each patient. This consistency has helped to identify parameters early on that are out of balance so that we can react early on and then aim our care at early prevention of disease in order to get you back into balance as soon as possible.

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We have found that by working in an interdisciplinary setting many of compounding effects that oral and dental health can have on general health and well being have become clearer. This approach has given us a huge advantage to recognise and identify a wider range of risk factors that may impact on your health and this has also given us some very exciting research opportunities in health care.

Finally, regular visits have also helped us to form a much stronger bond and professional friendship with our patients which has helped them to understand the importance to implement an educational healthcare strategy specific to their situation. We believe in prevention(P) through education(E) and to restore health and wellbeing through minimal intervention(Mi) – The PEMi concept of care.

PEMI – Prevention, Education and Minimum Intervention


If a problem is understood it can be prevented. Dental disease and poor health may be avoided by introducing simple behavioural changes. Identifying the changes needed require a complete risk assessment, diet analysis, plaque control measurements and tooth susceptibility to name but a few. Once these factors have been identified, a personal program will be followed to introduce good oral and dietary habits. The earlier we start with this the better hence our advice to start at a young age with this approach through our child care programmes- prevention instead of intervention.


Understanding the causes, signs and symptoms of a disease and the importance of a healthy mouth will help you and your child stay disease free. In our oral health programmes, we strive to ensure the necessary understanding is achieved.

Minimum Intervention

We believe in minimal intervention, preferring intervention to restoration and restoration to replacement. All our procedures are aimed at using minimum intervention techniques to restore health and to achieve this regular examination play and important role in achieving this philosophy of care management.

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