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Healthy teeth are essential to a healthy childhood they are needed for chewing, speaking clearly and having a bright smile. With a good preventative regime and the advances in dentistry, children today are more likely to grow up with good oral health with minimal intervention.


Our comprehensive diagnostic evaluation enables us to assess existing oral and dental health, from this we can tailor an oral health management programme to your child’s specific needs. However we will also assess and then refer your child to our Orofacial myologist and related therapist to look at problems such as tongue ties and tongue restrictions, open mouth posture, developmental reflexes issues and bad habits such as thumb sucking and nail biting as well as breathing, snoring and sleep-related problems, posture and all over body biomechanics.


Understanding the primary causes, signs and symptoms of disease and the importance of oral health is essential to ensure your child stays disease free. Within your child’s programme we will explain the main disease processes, tooth decay and gum disease and its associated primary factors (diet and plaque).


If you can understand it, you can prevent it! Dental disease is largely preventable by simple changes in behaviour. During the programme we will complete a risk assessment, analysing your child’s diet (diet analysis), your child’s ability to clean their own teeth (plaque control) and their teeth for deep grooves or poor enamel protection. If good oral and dietary habits are introduced at an early age your child is more likely to continue them throughout their life!

Demonstration and Teaching

Our goal is to ensure children can look after their own teeth. We will show them how they are controlling plaque by using disclosing solutions and then help to ensure they can effectively remove it with tooth brushing and flossing. With the use of an intra oral camera we can show your child any tooth or gum problems, so they are aware of their own dental health.

Minimal Intervention

We believe in minimal intervention, intervention to restoration, restoration to replacement! With conventional methods, it is virtually impossible to detect early decay in the deep grooves of teeth (pits and fissures). If not detected early, decay can easily spread to involve more of the tooth structure. At the O Clinic we use the DIAGNOdent, which is a small pain free laser, this will detect and measure early decay.

Once early decay is detected we can manage it with modern pain free intervention – Healozone, this applies ozone (a form of oxygen which is used to purify drinking water) directly onto a decayed tooth to kill harmful bacteria in seconds.

Growth and Development

The growth and development of your child’s teeth, jaw, face bones and smile are of vital importance to us. We can provide orthopaedic and orthodontic treatment to ensure that your child’s smile is even more beautiful (click here for information).

Good body posture and healthy habits such as good breathing, swallowing and shewing are sound Biomechanical structural drivers that are associated with balanced and symmetrical facial growth and development (click here for information). Many of us are unaware just how important and good tongue function, nasal breathing and proper swallowing are in our developing children and just how much this can affect healthy function (click here for information). It is vital in our childrens development that our interdisciplinary team will work with the dental team to support you and your child to achieve better facial growth and health.

Major breathing related problems may also be overcome through correct dental and nutrition health care programs in an interdisciplinary environment.

Canography – use to monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide in respiratory gases

CT scan – use to measure the airway


Regular re-care is necessary to monitor dental health, assess growth and development ensuring dental disease is identified at an early enough stage to prevent its progression.

Principles of Therapy

First Stage Treatment Plan Structure

Eliminate infection
Puss swelling and severely decayed teeth causing pain will need to be extracted as a priority. Therefore, during the first appointment we would address this and plan for this work to be done as soon as possible.

Gum Health
Health gums are the foundation of good oral health. Good oral hygiene habits are key to helping our children stay disease free. Our team will support both the parents and child to develop good oral health care habits.

Kids Programme
Following your initial consultation, our team will develop a “Kids Program” specific for your child and we will look into various risk factors that may affect your child’s oral health.
By identifying these risk factors and developing a program to remove and replace them with good habits, better future oral health may likely be achieved.

Treatment of decay
Using minimum intervention techniques, using lasers to identify early decay has helped our team to follow a minimal intervention path. Depending on the stage of the decay, a program will be developed to help stop, reduce and repair your child’s decayed tooth.

Management of Prevention Maintenance

By carry out our risk assessment index after completion of the kids specific program, we will be able to structure re-care and follow up appointments to help keeping your child orally healthy.

A. Low risk
Yearly the following will be monitored:

  • DIAGNOdent readings
  • Diet analysis
  • Plaque control

Bite wings x-ray may be taken every 24 months

B. Medium risk
6 monthly the following will be monitored:

  • DIAGNOdent readings
  • Diet analysis
  • Plaque control

Bite wings x-ray may be taken yearly

C. High risk
3 monthly the following will be monitored:

  • DIAGNOdent readings
  • Diet analysis
  • Plaque control

Bite wings x-ray may be taken every 6 months

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