Dentures and Function

Replacing missing teeth with dentures will help to restore not only your smile and bite but it will also importantly help to give better support to your jaw joint and your facial muscles. When one loses a tooth or several teeth the bone that used to support the tooth soon starts to disappear or resorb. This ongoing process will indeed affect the fit of your dentures over time and then also the support to your jaw and face.

Through our research in our clinics we have found that by constructing and manufacturing dentures with improved jaw alignment and balance we can achieve stability not just in your bite and jaw but also improvements in Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) linked to a misplaced jaw.

The muscles paths from the balanced jaw muscles link up with different muscle paths throughout the rest of the body. Figure…. below show these connections.

By continually and routinely asking our patients to give us feedback on various parts of their bodies we have managed to find associations between these signs and symptoms and that of a misaligned jaw. The misalignment of a jaw may therefore contribute to some of these descending symptomatology as shown in figure below.

Therefore when we plan dentures for you we take the global body biomechanics into consideration when designing your denture. A well aligned denture with good dental balance will help stability beyond just your jaw as demonstrated in the Descending Symptomatology that our patient have reported back to us.

There are various types and sizes and shapes of dentures and together we will explore which will be best suited for your situation. With the latest advance in digital technology, we are now exploring and developing improved techniques to manufacture dentures digitally. We have been manufacturing various types of appliance using this type of technology but we believe that in the near future we would be able to manufacture your denture digitally and take advantage of the many benefits such a process may bring.

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