Mission Statement

Welcome to the O clinic, your interdisciplinary centre for personal dental care and related health care. The O clinic is part of the O lab, a UK-based sport, health and education company formed by clinicians, academic professionals and health and educational entrepreneurs.

The O clinic was created to improve general health through advancement in dental and oral health. We work in an interdisciplinary setting where dentist, hygienists and other healthcare professionals share experiences and clinical results to improve the care services to our patients. We believe in preventing disease through the combination of educating our patients, the public and our professional team. Together, we can create minimally invasive approaches that manage your dental and oral health.

Our interdisciplinary team of experts have combined knowledge and the application of pioneering health technologies and treatments to deliver not just dental but holistic health management structures and products to make you better. World-renowned clinical experts from many nationalities and medical backgrounds were involved in setting up protocols for our inter-disciplinary clinics and centres.

Our team is committed to enhancing lives by optimising an individual’s performance, preventing injury and disease and getting those who are injured or in pain back to good health as quickly as possible.

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The O clinics are interdisciplinary clinics where dentists, doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals work together to help improve patients' dental, oral and related general health.