Fee Guide

Consultations and Examinations

Initial Consultations and Second opinions – from £125
Advance Consultations – from £275
New patient examination – £65
Regular 6 monthly examination – £55

CT scans, X-ray Diagnostics and other diagnostics

CT scans – from £75
Digital x-rays small – from £15
Digital X-rays large – from £75
Occlusal T-scan – from £125

Hygiene and Preventative Services

Hygiene services regular – from £67.30
Advance hygiene for gum disease – from £300
Tooth whitening – from £295
Preventative sealants and small restorations for children – from £55

Sports Dentistry

A wide range of specific mouth guards and gum shields aimed at risk analysis of each sport type and position of play from:
O ruck (rugby gumshields) – from £65
bOss advance performance gumshield – from £275

Restorative Dentistry

Tooth coloured fillings – from £85
Crowns – from £580
Porcelain Veneers – from £650
Simple root canal therapy – from £275

Surgical Services

Extractions – from £95
Surgical extractions – from £350
A Range of surgical services will be individually planned


Flexible, cosmetic and functional partial and full dentures – from £375

Advanced Services

The cost of advance services are individually given to each patient and various treatment options discussed prior to setting the fee and a payment term is then discussed. Each patient will receive a full treatment plan estimate before treatment is started.

Most of our services include therapeutic protocols associated with specific appliance designs and clinical diagnostics such as:

  • TMJ and Craniofacial therapy
  • Sports Dentistry Consultancy and treatment planning
  • Sleeping diagnostics, appliance and therapy
  • Orthodontic and Orofacial myology
  • Voice and singing appliances

Other Advanced Services (these services are individually planned and costed as per estimate)

  • Dental implants and surgical procedures
  • Advance Restorative diagnostics prototypes, articulation and smile and occlusal design diagnostics.
  • TMJ diagnostics and splint designs
  • Advance Orthodontics and TMJ therapy

Additional Services (these services are individually planned and costed as per estimate)

  • Biological Diagnostics- blood tests, saliva tests, urine etc.
  • Postural analysis, Biomechanics and CT scanning
  • Orofacial Myology & Physical Therapy
  • Developmental reflex analysis
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • Sports performance consultancy
  • Facial aesthetics

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