About us

We are a Health, Sport and Education company that was setup to improve people’s health. We have been studying and researching new ways in which we provide Oral and Dental healthcare for our patients in an interdisciplinary clinic. We have this opportunity to improve the general overall health of our patients and to be better.

This challenging approach needed a strategy that would include not only providing care for our patients but also studying the care we have been providing and then exploring new ways and methods to make this care better.

Importantly this also include ways to capture feedback from our patients on treatment they have received and how this has affected them in a positive but also in a negative way. In order to achieve better treatment outcomes for our patients we have set about evaluating and researching the effects of our care by setting up a dedicated Research and Development facility.

It soon became apparent that despite been a small family run business we will need to utilise the vast and fast-growing fields of digital diagnostic and the associated manufacturing processes that are currently available. This required a huge investment not only in time but also in capital and commitment towards our goals of providing better treatment outcomes.

Through our commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of our patients we have achieved our first patented product the O align.

For us it was a significant achievement considering the size of our business and the limited resources we have at hand. The O align philosophy of care has then helped us to open a gateway towards further product development such as the O balance but also importantly our ability to provide a better service by improving our diagnostic protocols.

Recently we became one of the first Clinics in the UK to take possession of an state of the art CT scanner that link our clinic ,our manufacturing laboratory and also our R&D facility together.

This huge step has now made it possible for us to start measuring our care with much more precision and then to develop our appliances and products with more accuracy based on clinically researched diagnostic protocols. And yes, this has also opened up very exciting new areas of research, teaching and training. By embracing the challenges of implementing this huge task various training and educational opportunities that the digital world present has inspired us to set about a future path to integrate these leading-edge advancements when we deliver our care and to be better.

In Summary

We have developed our organisation into four fundamental facilities to achieve our goals to be better namely:

  1. The O clinics for developing and delivering clinical care which include Dentistry, OrofacialMyology, Biomechanics, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Digital diagnostics.
  2. The O lab Technology laboratories which manufacture products such as TMJ and Occlusalappliance, Sports mouth guards, Sleeping and Snoring appliances, Orthodontic –O aligners,Implant stents and guides, Retainers and Whitening trays as well as Porcelain crowns,Bridges and Implant supported prosthesis to name but a few all based around the O alignpatented impression tray system.
  3. The O lab R&D facility which is studying, researching and developing new protocols indiagnostics, new methods of care provision and evaluating and development of newproducts. Current studies include the link between TMJ and Non-specific lower back pain,Snoring/TMJ and sleep related diagnostics and appliance design as well as tonsilhypertrophy and breathing related mechanisms.
  4. The O lab Training and Education foundation provides lectures worldwide for PoMT (Practitioners of Manual Therapy) as well as for Professional Clinicians.
  5. We have an accreditation system which recognised the efforts of our attendees to improvethemselves and to provide better care for their patients by becoming O practitioners. Ourtraining and education is based on three levels namely foundation courses, Diploma courses and Master’s degree courses.

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The O clinics are interdisciplinary clinics where dentists, doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals work together to help improve patients' dental, oral and related general health.