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“I am delighted with the results”

As a physical therapist who understands the importance of a balanced jaw, I was naturally concerned when I was told that i would need remedial work on my teeth and occlusion. Two orthodontists labelled me as a ‘complicated case’. I was recommended to Dr Visser by another therapist and he took on my case with confidence. I had an 18 month programme of O-lab appliance, upper and lower retainers. Dr Visser and Eva guided me through the treatment with professionalism and understanding. I am delighted with the results as my teeth and bite have remained stable. I have recommended several of my own patients to O-lab and will continue to do so in the future.
Annie Hamilton

“My overall quality of life has improved”

I have had the Boss Appliance for just over 3 years. I believe it was fitted in March of 2015. It was recommended as I have several issues, back pain, ME/CFS, chronic migraines, and allergies. Honestly I didn’t expect much beyond helping with the migraines, but even if those reduced it would have been worth it. A few more of the positive effects took a while to recognise, but looking back over the past 3 years the difference it has made is incredible.

First along with fitting the appliance was retraining to breathe through my nose. I have had chronic allergies and hayfever all of my life. I was on mild antihistamines 24/7, upping them to stronger ones twice a year during the bad pollen and mould seasons. I haven’t been able to breathe through my nose in years, and I was really sceptical, but with perseverance, my nose cleared over the next few weeks and months and I haven’t taken more than one or two antihistamines each ‘hayfever season’ since. The most I’ve taken were this year and that was more due to itchy eyes than stuffiness. This was a totally unexpected benefit, but one that makes a huge difference to my quality of life – not just in the ability to breathe properly, but because I am breathing properly my body is getting better quality of oxygen and is better able to use it. This is healthier for everything.

My migraines disappeared relatively quickly. With the appliance keeping the jaw in a better position it kept those pretty much at bay. I still get the occasional bad headache, and with the heat this summer I have suffered a few more than in the past couple of years, but overall, the hoped for benefit of reduced migraines has definitely happened.

Along with the Boss Appliance I have continued with chiropractic with a practitioner recommended by the OLab, and for the first 2 years I was also seeing a homeopath who helped quite a bit with clearing my system of some nasty things.

Overall my head is clearer, my back issues much reduced, my ME/CFS is still there, but has a much less negative effect most of the time, my migraines are reduced to practically non-existent and my lifelong allergies/hayfever are so negligible that I only need one or two tablets every few months rather than every single day. I’m sure there are more benefits that I’m overlooking or have forgotten or not notices.

My overall quality of life has improved significantly from where it was 3 years ago. I’m not ‘cured’, but for someone who’s best hope was ‘reduced migraines’ the appliance has made a difference beyond what I expected, hoped or imagined. It’s a long-term commitment, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it, and if I had to go back and make the choice again, I would absolutely choose it over continuing the way I was.
Wendy Jones

“I would recommend the O-Lab”

I have had a long history of back pain and have seen many medical practitioners over the years, from Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, GP’s and surgery. The surgery involved a discectomy on my L5-S1 disc which only lasted about a year until suffering another painful episode of sciatica. This was when I was introduced to Dr. Visser and his team. His approach to my problem is something I had not experienced before but am pleased to say since being treated by Dr. Visser and his team I have not suffered any major relapse with my back. I would recommend the O-Lab for anyone who has a similar history to mine and who feels they shouldn’t have to give up on the things they enjoy because of their injury
Rob Phelps

“I have not looked back”

I have been receiving treatment for Dr GP Visser for the last 2 years to correct my bite, after having numerous teeth removed in my teenage years, these included my canine teeth.

I had been suffering from from neck and shoulder pain for 20 years or more and just put it down to work.

But after seeing Dr Visser for a consultation he advised me that my bite was not correct and that my facial profile was collapsing, as I was over closing and causing my jaw to be forced out of position. He advised that he could help me and suggested I start a course of boss therapy followed by orthodontic treatment.

I have not looked back it has totally transformed my life!! I no longer have any pain in my neck and shoulders and my profile has been restored making me look younger. Changing my facial profile also helped with my sleep apnoea as it helped by opening up the dimension of my mouth allowing my tongue having more room in my mouth and not causing an obstruction to my airway.
I can not say enough how pleased I am with the treatment I received and would recommend Dr Visser to anyone experiencing any problems with Jaw and bite problems.
Anne Law

“I’m so pleased!!!”

Migraines gone, repeated bouts of tonsilitis stopped, pain and neck ache gone and high prolactin is now low enough to feel sane again ! I cannot thank this team enough I jusy feel like have my life back.

This treatment seeks and corrects the causes of problems rather than symptoms and it was great to get answers as to why I was getting migraines and high prolactin, as well as tonsillitis, acne and generally feeling awful from the first assessment with them. It turned out my TMJ alignment was out of line from a birth defect, made worse by my previous orthodontist removing healthy teeth and shrinking my palate ( so leaving me with a wonky jaw basically compressing the left side of my face and I’ve been in pain for over 20 years) as well as still having a tongue tie which should have been removed at birth.

The O Lab corrected my jaw non surgically with a jaw splint, reconstruction exercises to improve my biomechanics and then a brace to move the teeth in to the new alignment, which has sorted my hormones out and to be honest, cosmetically I didn’t realise how much better I would look! I now have bigger lips and defined cheeks instead of a puffy red face.

My chiropractor initially recommended me to the O lab after meeting Dr Visser at a conference, as no treatment I’ve ever had done stayed in place and I was in pain all over again a couple of days later each time.

Its not a quick fix miracle we all want like drugs try and promise, but it’s long term gains. The team are professional, honest about how you will feel, what they can achieve and how long it will take and are supportive all the way. You work with them to achieve the results (as there’s exercises and learning to do like I had to learn to bite, swallow and breathe again as they removed my tongue tie, as well as postural work) but it’s talored to what you have had done. The work most definitely paid off.

Some of the treatments and tests seem unusual as it’s not what a standard GP would do but I had bloods done with the GP throughout and the O Lab were right about their findings, also finding new avenues for me to ask to test. Put it this way, my GP dismissed this treatment initially when I told him but now very much in agreement its worked as results don’t lie and the changes have been amazing!

It’s taken about a year and a half for me, some of the symptoms disappeared very quickly when the jaw splint went in, like the migraines and general pain (by doing the specialised exercises with the splint) and others like the prolactin and breathing/tongue work took time (half that time was moving my teeth to correct what my original dentist had done). Now I’m finished the time feels like nothing compared to how long I have been ill, in pain and hunting for solutions.

So if drugs, treatments and/or surgery aren’t working for you and you would like to investigate something different as to why, then visit this place. I have already recommended family and friends who have all been helped or who are currently being treated by them now. Im also hypermobile and a friend Ive sent here has bad EDS, so the jaw work really stabilises the ligament issues and relieves the pain from these conditions, which the NHS were honest in telling us they could not treat. Shes doing great too and now not a regular visitor to A&E.

I could write on and on ….but just to finish off, thank you again O Lab I’m so pleased!!!

Rosella Kendrick

“Their expertise and caring is most reassuring”

I have found the attention and treatments received at the O clinic to be of the highest
standard of effectiveness and comfort.

I am someone who does not enjoy receiving dental work due to very painful and poor treatment in the past. My experience at the O clinic has transformed my understanding of dental work and completely removed my fear.

Their expertise and caring is most reassuring.

I have recommended their services to several friends and will continue to do so.

Thank you O clinic.
Stephen Silver

“definite improvement”

I have been consulting Eva regarding a very specific aspect of clarinet technique which relates to tongue, diaphragm and upper body function.

Her work with me has been thoughtful and client focused.

I would say the main area in which we have made measurable progress is the work we have done relative to primitive reflexes. I had several retained reflexes which have now been integrated. Although I can only comment anecdotally, I believe that this success may have had positive implications for me both physically and emotionally.

The tongue function issue is still work in progress but because it is so specific and essential to my career we have needed to proceed cautiously. I feel that there has been definite improvement but there is still a way to go with this.

I have been very grateful to Eva for understanding and adjusting to my specific needs and for looking at the issue from multiple angles and ultimately being guided by what seems to be working rather than adhering to any strict process.
Helen Paskins

“Long may this practice continue”

This is to state that I first came to the O-Clinic in May 2015, recommended by a friend, and complaining of TMJ muscle cramps and snoring.

I was provided with a night appliance and jaw exercises.

Within about 3 months, all my old symptoms cleared up.

I have continued with the appliance and the exercises ever since, with very good effect, having no longer any problems.

My check-ups are now annual, and I am entirely satisfied with my service at The O-Lab from all staff members.

Long may this practice continue!

“I can’t thank O Lab enough”

For 6 years now I’ve been trying to find out why my daughter has gone from a healthy sporty child to a tired shadow of herself always in chronic pain.
We had tried everything to help Issey but with no avail or understanding of what was going on. Doctors, Dentist’s, Physio’s and many health workers just kept scratching their heads, we knew it was something to do with head and teeth but could not work it out!!
Very frustrated and at the end of my tether I eventually kept hearing about a place called O Lab.  So I bit the bullet and travelled the 3 hrs journey to Dorset. I can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. We returned home feeling overjoyed that someone understood what we were going through, and other people were also suffering too. Yes, my daughter wasn’t the only one!!
For the first 6 months, my daughter went through a lot of changes in her mouth, we kept understanding more and more that this wasn’t going to be a quick fix and we had to be patient.
Little by little the changes have stabilized her and reduced her pain dramatically. So 10 months into treatment we have days without pain, in fact, days are turning into weeks, and my daughter does not stop singing, I had forgotten she used to sing! It’s so nice to have the old her back.

I can’t thank O Lab enough, not only are DR GP Visser & Eva Tanner extremely knowledgeable in their fields of expertise but are very caring individuals who will go out of their way to help. Thank you all at O Lab!!
Debi Barnes

“The O Lab team are so positive and welcoming”

I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia which is a neurological movement disorder in 2013. I had Botox injections in my neck every three months to control the condition. I read online about TMJ and the Dystonia connection and Dr Visser and his team at O Lab were recommended to me. I started the treatment in January 2017 and so far the splint treatment along with Biomechanics with Jo & Eva have been great. I have been able to stop having Botox injections in my neck and shoulder, my neurologist was shocked at my response to the treatment.

The pulling of my neck muscles and movement of my head has reduced significantly and the muscles in my neck are more relaxed. I no longer fight to control my head posture, and can easily straighten my posture if my head starts to drift. I look forward to seeing further improvements. The O Lab team are so positive and welcoming and are always at the end of an email or phone for a chat, even out of hours! 

Michelle Meaker 

“We are so grateful”

Our son started Orthodontic treatment at the age of 11 in August 2015. He needed major treatment on top and bottom teeth plus his jaw and bite were out of alignment.

From our first visit, we all felt happy and very positive about the unique treatment that the O Lab could offer. All stages were fully explained. As the weeks and months progressed we were amazed at how efficient and rapid the treatment was. The monthly visits with Eva and Dr Visser were very personal and they both were extremely supportive, encouraging and excited at the progress.

All information was well documented and photographed and we regularly compared old photos with new ones, which was truly amazing.

We can honestly say that our son’s orthodontic treatment at the O Lab Clinic has almost been pain-free. There was initial rubbing on the gums and approximately 4 days in total, throughout the whole treatment when his jaw and teeth hurt.

All appliances have been well fitted and have never caused any discomfort nor have they affected his speech during the treatment.

The staff at the O Lab Clinic are very efficient and professional. Summary emails are sent after treatment and a reminder telephone call is always made the day before appointments.

We were told by a different orthodontist that our Son’s treatment would take approximately 3 years and that he would need various appliances at different stages of his treatment. Plus we were informed that he would need to have teeth removed.

We are so grateful to Dr Visser and Eva for their knowledge, expertise and care and for providing beautiful, perfect teeth for our son in ONE YEAR and with no teeth removed.

In September 2016, when our daughter was 10 years old, we took her directly to the O Lab clinic to start her orthodontic treatment. She is now receiving the same high level of expertise and professionalism in all areas of her treatment from Dr Visser, Eva and the other members of staff.

Mr and Mrs Piper (June 2017)

“This letter is to say thank you”

On Monday, our son Henry, will celebrate becoming a teenager! A laid back, bright, caring, well-liked young man respected by both his friends and teachers; with a seriously dry sense of humour! He also has hope for a great life and a focus on becoming a Biochemist. You may not think that this statement is that important but to us it has a huge significance because without all of your expertise, patience and caring Henry would not be any of the above.

We first came to see you on the 28th November 2014 having spent 3 years trying to get answers as to why our son was suffering with unexplainable headaches, pain at the base of his skull and neck, facial ticks and what we referred to as “tensing” throughout his body. We were all emotionally and for Henry also physically exhausted by this point. We had met with specialists through the NHS and Henry had numerous scans but the only replies we received were “we can medicate him” and “boys of his age go through this, it’s just a phase, he will grow out of it”; even though we felt it was more serious than that. We also tried alternative therapies and they did give Henry some relief for short periods, but was not going to be effective long term. During this time Henry became more withdrawn and despondent and his symptoms were becoming more erratic. His school work was suffering and we were concerned about his mental welfare and how he would cope with High School. It was heart-breaking to see our son suffer and become a shadow of his true self.

The first we learnt about the O Lab was through a lady called Julie Farmer, who is a Bowen Practitioner, she had been on a course where Dr Visser was speaking about issues with TMJ (and to her we will be eternally grateful). We decided to look into this company further hoping that finally we had found someone who could help our son. We were very apprehensive on that first meeting but by the end of it, the feeling of relief was insurmountable because we finally had Henry’s condition diagnosed and more importantly that it was treatable. We could also see the tension leave Henry’s face as he understood that there was light at the end of the tunnel. That was priceless.

Within the first few appointments we (including family and friends) could see improvements in Henry’s physical and mental wellbeing. It has now been nearly 3 years and Henry continues to go from strength to strength. His ticks have stopped and his “tensing” is minimal. It has not been easy for him in the slightest but he has persevered and we are immensely proud of him.

So this letter is to say thank you. Thank you for helping our son and for giving him his life back.

Tammy and Ray (June 2017)

“Feels amazing”

I had to wear a BOSS (which tasted like bacon!) which was quite comfortable and did not hurt.  It helped to stop the pain in my neck.  The exercises that I needed to do to strengthen my tongue and jaw and help me stand properly, were hard and sometimes I did not want to do them but they did help. It was a bit strange to wear the braces but my jaw felt better being in the right place and my headaches, facial ticks and “tensings” have gone from all day, every day to hardly ever, which feels amazing.

Henry (Aged 12)

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